Core Purpose

  • Visionary leadership.
  • Positive outlook
  • Service excellence


The aim of TripleS IT Services is to achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of IT INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORTATION MANGAGEMENT SOLUTIONS,IT MANPOWER SERVICES.

Vision and Mission

TripleS IT Services is a part of 150 Cr TripleS group headquartered in Mumbai having offices in major cities of India. TripleS has offices across the world including Singapore & USA. TripleS IT Services has been introduced in the group to strengthen the IT Infrastructure arm of TripleS Group.

What our customers are saying..

  • TripleS IT Services provides the best IT infrastructure.

    - Customer

  • The Manpower provided by TripleS IT Services are the best highly skilled.

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  • Data Center

    We provide Data Center operations on a 24x7 basis whether the project is as complex as implementing a new emergency generator, backup power strategy or deploying a new 'high-density' equipment zone into your existing computer room or as simple as deploying an IP-based KVM system or replacing access floor panels.

  • Cooling Solutions

    Data Centers have servers and racks that consume high power and emanate heat. Cooling systems need to ensure consistency in temperature, besides ensuring 24x7 proper cooling of the environment.

  • Detection

    Data Center monitoring is a critical element for maintaining maximum availability for your critical operations. We provide preemptive and proactive Detection tools to keep your data secure and safe in the environment. Our state of the art security systems cover all types of emergencies, including Rodent Alarms, Water Leak Detection, Security and Surveillance.

  • Power Solutions

    Data Centers need constant and consistent power supply to ensure that data is secure in the environment. Our Power solutions ensures that all the parameters are followed, ensuring security of data.

  • Fire Suppression Solutions

    Our Physical infrastructure details cover all extremes, including earthquake and fire, emergencies that need to be addressed on a high alert urgent basis, with quick assessment of the current situation and notifications to the appropriate personnel. Our Fire suppression solution meets any constraints and addresses them effectively and on time.

  • Physical Infrastructure

    Syndrome Technologies has the experience and expertise to address all your Physical Infrastructure needs. We plan, design and source, along with onsite maintenance. We enable you to reduce power consumption and increase cooling efficiencies, gaining you improved reliability and performance and a better return on IT assets.

  • Man Power

    We are the premier executive search firm, specializing in recruitment services for entry level, middle level as well as top-level executives and a firm distinguished by superior client service.

  • Employee Transport Operations Management Solution

    We offers you its Employee Transport Solution which is designed to help you monitor, track, and improve, streamline, and secure your employee transport services

  • Cash Logistics Solutions

    We presents a comprehensive, intelligent solution to address challenges associated with cash van monitoring and management. The solution goes beyond a routine GPS system, providing you real time monitoring, route mapping, cash tracking, alerts, etc

  • Cement Logistics Solutions

    With a complete understanding of the challenges you face as a cement manufacturer, we offers a comprehensive transport logistics solution.

  • Child Safety Assurance System

    We offers you the Child Safety Assurance Solution (CSAS) to monitor, streamline, and safeguard your school transport services.

  • ICD/CFS Management Solution

    We in a bid to help the transportation industry, has designed a comprehensive, cloud-based, future-ready solution to monitor, track, and measure, various functions of a transportation company.

  • Cold Chain Logistics Solution

    We offers the cold chain logistics industry an intelligent solution that helps you transport perishable items and deliver it the way it should be

  • Field Force Management Solution

    We presents a Field Force management solution to help organizations, such as yours, manage large sales workforce. The solution allows you to monitor and track the individual through the SIM of his/her office phone connection

  • Logistics Transportation Operations Management Solution

    We in a bid to help the transportation industry, has designed a comprehensive, cloud-based, future-ready solution to monitor, track, and measure, various functions of a transportation company.

  • People Transportation Solution

    Our goal is to deliver enhanced value to our customers and drive a positive change in their businesses by allowing them to focus on their core business while we provide the necessary support.

  • Sand Mining Transportation and Regulation Solution

    We presents a cloud-based sand mining and transportation solution designed to streamline and improve overall operations.

  • Toll Plaza Emergency and Patrol Monitoring Solution

    We offers you its comprehensive Toll Plaza solution which can help you monitor tolling activities effectively.

About Us

TripleS IT Services, today, is amongst the fastest growing leading provider of IT Infrastructure services encompassing integration and management of complex Infrastructure. Our standard processes address your organization's complex IT infrastructure problems and enhance business performance.

Our technologies and solutions are designed to address your unique and diverse infrastructure management needs. TripleS IT Services helps you to manage your IT Infrastructure effectively.

Our technologies include the best brands of network management products, apart from strategic consulting that is designed to deliver value straight to our customer's bottom line. We design technology solutions that will work for you. Our business goal is to develop creative and cost-effective solutions, from the design phase through installation, and provide maintenance support thereafter. We adopt a ‘team approach’ with our customers to help them identify possible solutions, evaluate these solutions for effectiveness with respect to the problem, and then implement the most suitable solution. Our decision to represent multiple vendors increases our alternatives for developing the best solutions for our customers. Furthermore, the management and staff of TripleS IT Services are committed to ongoing excellence in customer service.

Sales, Design, Deployment and Management of 2000 Sq. Ft. Internet Data Centre in Critical Location like Sikkim.

Major Achievements:

Successfully Designed, Deployed & Managed 2000 Sq. Ft. Internet Data Centre Since Year 2011 with minimal Manpower and maximum use of available infrastructure.

One stop shop for your manpower requirement: Management/Maintenance of your IT Infrastructure, Temporary or Permanent, Hourly/Weekly or Monthly.

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